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Patricia Susilo is the architect of her own life

Patricia Susilo has immigrant parents who migrated to Australia from Jakarta when she was 4. Being interested in self-development and self-realization since an early age, she started her life as early as possible for her.
Patricia Mirawati Susilo
Patricia Mirawati Susilo began increasing her exposure and experience by working as a cashier for her uncle at 13, as retailer worker at 14 and finally moving into corporate world at 17. Patricia Susilo was simultaneously pursuing her university Bachelors of Commerce degree; completing double major in Accounting in 2009.

After working for some time for KPMG immediately after her degree, she developed self-interest for entrepreneurship. This made her start her journey and joined her brother for joint real-estate business at 21. This gave her good experiences which helped her in later life.

Today Patricia Susilo works in a corporate role at National Australia Bank in business banking sector which helps her to gain more experience. Additionally she works at a personal level as a house renovator for more profit from time to time.